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In 1987, Bruce and Debbie Heller enrolled their eldest son in a local soccer league, and further offered to serve as team coaches.  Little did they know that this generous, yet simple, philanthropic effort would spark an interest and ignite a passion that would forever shape the trajectory of their son’s path in life.  Involvement in the sport of soccer builds both athletic prowess and personal development skills in the form of teamwork, commitment, socialization, fair-play, and coping among others.
Recognizing a need for high quality, invested, pre-school and youth academy team lessons/coaching in the north Texas community, Steve Heller founded Heller Sports LLC DBA Hawks Soccer Club in August of 2022.  This organization provides on-site soccer training for multiple early education institutions around the north DFW area (Lil’ Hawks), academy team coaching (Hawks FC), and private and group lessons upon request. 
Hawks Soccer Club endeavors to educate its young clients in such a way that prioritizes personal development over athletic achievement.  As such, all participants, in both early education and academy team involvement, are afforded equal attention and opportunity for play regardless of skill level.  At its heart, Hawks Soccer Club is committed to its motto that EVERY CHILD MATTERS!

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Steve Heller, Founder/Owner/Director of Hawks Soccer Club has had a life long fascination with the sport of Soccer. Growing up in Garland, TX, he has played in various leagues since the age of 5. In his youth, he played in the Coca Cola Classic League and currently plays in the top NTPSA division. His current academy Soccer Club is an homage to his first ever Soccer Team, coached by his parents, where he learned hard work, sacrifice, teamwork and self and group motivation. Previously, Steve served as the Director of Preschools for 6 years with a local Soccer organization, where he developed and led Soccer training programs within numerous early education institutions throughout north DFW and was also responsible for the training and coaching of two academy teams. In his free time, he enjoys golfing and spending time with his daughter who plays on his current academy team.  He is excited to have the opportunity to continue practicing his life’s passion, through his own sports training organization and is committed to providing all services with his personal motto at heart: "EVERY CHILD MATTERS"

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